This is not my actual studio, I have a lot of the same equipment but i have the mk2 machine, and an 88key midi keyboard. i would post a picture of mine, but seeing as i literally live in it, it's a fucking pig sty and i have zero intentions of cleaning it anytime in the near future. but if that fateful day ever dawns and i actually clean it up, i will take some pics so ya'll can see what i'm working with.

So i have finally finished the production on my upcoming album Godspeed! Bold, Young, Aviator. I'm in the works of finishing up the lyrics and I am currently in talks with Jusslu of Deepblue Studios to Executive produce, record, and engineer the album. I'm also in the market for an artist to do the album artwork, artists to feature, and marketing companies to help with the promo. I'm almost 100% on who it is i'm going to go with as far as art work and promo but i want to make sure the final kinks are worked out before i announce anything. It seems kind of early to be announcing this but i am super excited about it and figured i would let you guys know that i am fast at work piecing this together for y'all. and the album it's self will pretty much be completed within the next four months.